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In keeping with the Bylaws and philosophy of the Club, to protect and further the advancement of the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, the following Code of Ethics has been established:

Code of Ethics
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Club (USA)
Approved 1996

  1. I subscribe to the purpose of the NSDTRC (USA) as set forth in the Bylaws and will abide by the rules set down by the Club.
  2. I will acquaint myself with the NSDTRC (USA) approved Breed Standard for the NSDTR (Toller), and with principles of good health and grooming for the breed.
  3. I will exhibit sportsman like conduct that will reflect on me and on the breed at all competitions, and will encourage others to do so. I will refrain from public criticism and malicious degrading of others and their dogs.
  4. I will ensure humane treatment, including proper feeding, maintenance, health care and training, for all my animals and will encourage other to do the same.
  5. I will commit myself to continuing education in matters pertaining to the care and training of the Toller.
  6. If I breed, I will strive to improve the Toller breed according to the NSDTRC Breed Standard. I will conscientiously plan each breeding, choosing only parents of appropriate temperament, appearance and other desirable qualities.
  7. I will become aware of genetic defects that can be harmful to the breed. When breeding, I will endeavor to select animals that will reduce the incidence of genetic problems while enhancing the positive attributes and abilities of the breed. I will be open with all persons interested in the welfare of the Toller and will discuss possible physical or temperament defects in my own stock.
  8. I will act responsibly in regards to all puppies produced by my breeding for the lifetime of the puppies.
  9. I will never knowingly sell to, or place a Toller with unethical persons or those who would not provide proper and humane care to the dog. I will refuse to sell any Toller to any pet shop or to any wholesale dealer in dogs.
  10. Should I become aware of the mistreatment, abuse, or need for relocation of any Toller, I will make every effort to be of assistance by notifying the breeder of the dog involved and the appropriate local authorities, and I will assist in any other manner in which I am able.